12 février 2009

DakhaBrakha ["Ethno-Chaos Band"], Cosaque/Козак

/ ДахаБраха: ""The stirring and inspiring DakhaBrakha, who mix Ukrainian folk with other global rhythms and wear furry stovepipe hats" The Observer
DakhaBrakha means “give/take” in Ukrainian.
DakhaBrakha are a Ukranian quintet who play Ukranian folk music with a contemporary twist. All five sing together to create stirring melodies and as well as traditional Ukrainian/Russian instruments such as the cello and Russian treschotki, they also play instruments you would not readily associate with a folk band from Eastern Europe such as Indian tablas, buddhistic gong and maracas. As such their sound combines Eastern European folk sensibilties and melodies with rhythms from Africa and Asia.
DakhaBrakha were formed in 2004 at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Kiev - “DAKH” – by avant-garde theater director and cultural savant Vladyslav Troitsky. Vlad felt that Ukrainian folk music would benefit from the overtones of another music, cultures and styles and so he brought together some of the finest musicians he knew. Experimenting with Ukranian folk music they introduced other rhythms from around the world to create the intense, moving and melancholic sound that is DakhaBrakha.
As well as performing gigs as a band in their own right they are also the 'house' band for the Dakh Theatre company. Dakh Theatre is known throughout Europe as one of the leading production houses of avant-garde theatre combining live music from DakhaBrakha with theatre and dance to create some intense productions. Their series of Shakespeare interpretations has brought them to many of Europe's leading venues including London's Barbican in January 2007. As well as many festivals and theatres in the Ukraine, DakhaBrakha have also performed in the UK (London), Germany, France (Cannes), Russia (Moscow), Georgia, Poland, Hungary (Budapest) and Poland.

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11 février 2009

Change of Plans, Sing

Ou: http://www.changeofplans.org/videos/sing.mov

Change of Plans

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10 février 2009

Gevende, Nayu


The first Video of Gevende Animation & Director by Denizcan Yüzgl - Burcu Ürgüt

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02 février 2009

Justice, Stress & Justesse, No Stress (sa parodie)

Justice - Stress from Freedom Record on Vimeo.

Dir.: Romain Gravas

Plus une parodie:

Justesse No Stress (Parodie du clip de Justice) from Ilya Komolkin on Vimeo.

Dir.: David Teissier (?)

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01 février 2009

Young And Sexy, The Curious Organ

Young and Sexy

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28 janvier 2009

Moi Caprice, The Town and The City

Moi Caprice

Dir.: Esben Larsen. 2007.

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27 janvier 2009

Re:publik [pub!]

TVC - Re:publik urban culture magazine from Matei-Alexandru Mocanu on Vimeo. Dir:.: Matei-Alexandru Mocanu

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26 janvier 2009

Au, RR vs. D

AU - RR vs. D from Rainbow Dropshadow on Vimeo.

"Music video for the Portland band Au, from their new release Verbs. Direction and animation by Rainbow Dropshadow."

"If Beirut were to be way more buoyant, they might sound something like Verbs. Mixing brass band sounds with claps and high pitched voices, Verbs stay as jubilant as its video of a little girl decked out with a red dress and cape running around a field after which a festival of neon spinning tops are dropped in front of the screen. (by Jules Mendes Eli Txomin)" (The Daily Tube).

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Beirut & Banda Jimenez, La Llorona

"La Llorona" New Beirut Video from Owen Cook on Vimeo.

"La LLorona" from the upcoming March of the Zapotec EP. Story by Perrin Cloutier and Zach Condon. Animated and Directed by Owen Cook".

"Beirut's Zach Colon presents a story inspired by his time in Mexico dubbed La Llorona. mixing traditional folklore and his meandering imagination.  Backed by the Banda Jimenez, a band he hooked up with during his travels, he stays true to his original musical vision and streers well clear from the alluring temptations of using Mariachi music." ( The Daily Tube)
(by Jules Mendes Eli Txomin)  

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Oren Lavie, Her Morning Elegance

Directed by: Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan Photography: Eyal Landesman Featuring: Shir Shomron

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25 janvier 2009

Antony & The Johnsons - Epilepsy is Dancing

"Antony asked his friends the Wachowski Brothers to work with him on a video for his new single "Epilepsy is Dancing". They in turn invited painters Tino Rodriguez and Virgo Paradiso to create costumes and a mystical environment and choreographer Sean Dorsey and his dancers to bring the dream sequence to life. Antony's artistic partner Johanna Constantine stars as herself in the role of "Deer Monster". The video was lit and shot by the up-and-coming directors of photography, Chris Blasingame and Banker White, and produced by Jim Jerome. The production team collectively named themselves AFAS."

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Exile, We'Re All In Power

Exile "Were All In Power" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

"The first official music video off of Exile's debut LP Radio (1/20/09). The video is also Exile's directorial debut. Editor/FX: Wayne Simbro and Photography by Anthony Browning".

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22 janvier 2009

The Rodeo, Little Soldier

HibOO d'Live #035 : The Rodeo from Le-HibOO.com on Vimeo.

The Rodeo

Dir.: Rod, Alain Grodard.

« J'ai caché mon prénom. Derrière l'anagramme, il apparaît en filigrane. The Rodeo. Evocation de ce sud Etasunien qui a donné naissance aux musiques qui m'ont enchantée... Puis fait chanter. Hommage aux pionniers du rock, du folk, du blues, de la country. Enfant, j'ai découvert un trésor dans le grenier de mon oncle. Au milieu des livres poussiéreux et des vinyles de collection, sommeillait...une guitare. Née dans les années magiques, les mythiques 70's. Un bois précieux et habité. Je n'ai pas appris à jouer, c'est elle qui m'a apprivoisée. Collées l'une à l'autre, on ne s'est plus lâchées. J'écris et je compose. Des mélodies simples et intimistes. Des balades faussement naïves, des comptines pour adultes, des fables sans morale. Au fil de mes textes, vous croiserez des personnages, des lieux, des ambiances: une jeune fille à la moue boudeuse, pas si dure qu'elle ne le , clame, un garçon à l'amour gigantesque, trop pesant pour ne pas être porté à deux, un village perdu aux atours de paradis, une arche pour survivre au passé et tout recommencer. Et tant d'autres petites choses, trop anodines pour ne pas être importantes. Ces petites choses qui font ma vie. Je suis The Rodeo. Enchantée de vous connaître... »

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21 janvier 2009

Pandatone, Not The Last Train

Not The Last Train


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Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, Happy R

Ecstasy of Saint Theresa

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20 janvier 2009

Jim Čert on Fog Town Network-"Everybody's Smoking Marijuana"

Jim Čert

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16 janvier 2009

Music Video, You're not in Love

You're not in Love- Music Video

Production Company: Reel Raw Footage
Artist/ Music by: ...Music Video? aka Paul Jenkins http://www.myspace.com/musicvideo
Staring: Lindsey S., Chris B., Alejandro R., and Jennifer N. (Humming Voice)
Crew: (A UNIT) Cameron T.( Director/ Editor/ Screenwriter/ Producer/ DP/ Special Effects) Giovany T. (Assistant Director/ Gaffer/ Story Board Artist/ Effects Master) Whitney N. (Production Designer/ Make-up/ Special Effects) Ricky L. (Costume Designer/ Wardrobe/ Make-up/ Special Effects) Jimmy W. (Stunt Driver) Mia C. (Post- production color correction/ Behind the scenes footage) Wiley H. (Set Photographer) Crew: (B UNIT) Concert Footage: Cameron T. & Mia C.

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12 janvier 2009

Mikado, Naufrage en Hiver

Mikado est un groupe de pop française fondé en 1984 par Grégori Czerkinsky et Pascale Borel. Leurs principaux succès sont Naufrage en hiver (1986) et La fille du Soleil (1988), deux singles dont Pierre et Gilles ont réalisé les clips..[1] Depuis la séparation du groupe au début des années 90, Grégori Czerkinsky et Pascale Borel poursuivent leur carrière en solo. [ Wikipédia ]

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08 janvier 2009

Lykke Li, Breaking it up

Breaking it up – alternative live video. Filmed by: Christian Haag
from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

Lykke Li.

Dir.: Christian Haag.

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06 janvier 2009

Warsaw Village Band

Warsaw Village Band

A Dunkerque le 03 février 2009 (Le Bateau Feu).

"Traditional Polish songs, with their cutting vocals and meshed fiddles are the foundation of Warsaw Village Band's repertory. But while their lineup is primarily acoustic - hand drums, hammered dilcimer, violins, cello - their sensibilities are modern. They hear dance -club drive and trancey echoes in the songs and they use recording studio techniques to heighten the central drones and eerie percussive sounds in their songs. Hints of reggae and guests like a scratching disc jockey should further infuriate purists" The New York Times

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